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14. March 2009

Obama, the unborn, and the banning of Christ

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Editor’s note: We here at American Clarity would like to let the readers know that this article is a little different than the last ones, being primarily aimed at followers of Christ.  We highly suggest following any links that reference biblical doctrine, as this article would be tough to defend without the Bible on which it is based.  Enjoy, and God bless.


With Obama’s declaration that no God condones abortion, one would expect a population of over 300 million people to—at the very least—wonder whether he was expecting a lightning bolt to strike (1). After all, saying something like that and then not only exporting abortions to other countries on our dollar, but also lifting the ban for federal funding on embryonic stem cell research and supporting the Freedom of Choice Act would seem a little bold (and by the way, the FOCA allows the termination of life until fetal viability, or the ability to survive outside the womb) (2)(3). But on the Kenyan goes, not only without blinking an eye, but also apparently secure in his belief that he stands within Christ’s favor.

But what exactly makes a Christian?

First of all, seeing where Obama gets his logic isn’t impossible. Coming from an eternal perspective, in which Christ declared that his kingdom was not of this earth and that we should render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, one could argue that Christians should abstain from enforcing their will on the public(4)(5). After all, if the ultimate goal of this life is to personally follow Christ and win the hearts and souls of those you come in contact with, pushing your standards on anyone else isn’t going to win anyone. Not only is every single one of us fatally flawed and in need of redemption, but you can’t win the hearts of those outside the faith without loving them as human beings and extending the gifts of charity Christ has enabled you to give. This loving attitude extends to all, be they hookers, junkies, or the cast from How I Met Your Mother. (more…)

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