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16. June 2009

A conversation with a terrorist-defending, leftist bigot

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Last week I happened to come across a leftist’s link on Facebook, and this link was to an article which argued that the talking heads of the Right were responsible not only for Tiller’s death, but also for the murder of a guard at a Holocaust museum.  It went on to blatantly suggest that Christians and their intolerant worldviews are responsible for the hate we see today, and that these talking heads and other hatemongers should be held accountable for the actions of unrelated assassins. As such, I felt the need to comment.

This conversation is important because it highlights some very common beliefs and “logical” stances of the Left, as well as double-standards and the appropriate responses to them.  It’s highly recommended that the reader take the time to peruse the original article that spawned this conversation, and the reader should know that there was a final reply from the young, bigoted liberal I was talking to, but it was omitted because it basically involved backpeddling about his support for terrorists (!) and plenty of foul language. (more…)

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