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14. May 2010

Can amnesty ever be Biblical?

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Recently,  Nancy “Bibles” Pelosi told the Catholic clergy that amnesty legislation is “a manifestation of our living the Gospels.”   Now, to be fair, Nancy isn’t alone: many Christians today pursue a type of social justice that can result if someone takes Christ’s words out of context, and due to either laziness or outright disregard refuses to look at the big picture.  So what does the Bible actually say about immigration?

As Christians, all must admit that Pelosi is right about a couple of things.  First off, Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, and that means treating them with generosity.  But while Jesus absolutely commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and spoke positively about individuals belonging to unpopular minority groups to show that His teachings apply to everyone, Pelosi and liberal Christians forget that the Gospels aren’t Christ’s first message, and that Christ had already made specific statements about how to engage in government.  After all, His own personal style of government was given through Moses in the Old Testament. (more…)

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