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29. May 2010

Asians and the California school system

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I have to admit a bit of bias before getting to the meat of the matter, here: I’ve always gotten along well with Asian students, particularly northern ones.  During my several years in California’s school system, I never once had a problem with a rude Asian student, never had one steal from me, never knew one who broke the law (although I’m sure they exist, somewhere), never was physically threatened by one, and never had one blame me for any of their shortcomings or demand a handout.  In short, I have no history of bad interactions with Asian students, and to be quite frank, it’s left me with a good impression of them.

So it should come as no surprise to my readers that I’m particularly angered by the UC system, as they’re purposely seeking to lower admissions standards to rid themselves of many of their Asian students.  Not only is this institutional envy shameful and socially dysgenic, but also a poor form of business.  Asians didn’t dominate the UC system by whining like other races, after all.  They became a large portion of the student body by having a superior work ethic and a culture geared toward academic success.  If success is a reason to bar anyone from a college system, you must be a Democrat.  (more…)

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