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15. August 2010

The eight dumbest arguments for gay advocacy

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If you’ve ever been cornered by a member of the gay mafia, you know that their arguments in defense of gay advocacy aren’t exactly genius.  But unfortunately, while most conservatives deeply know that gay advocacy envelops itself in non-logic, most of us don’t know how to counter effectively.  As such, for all those culture warriors out there who are tired of being beaten over the head with stupid, here are the eight dumbest and most widely accepted arguments of the gay “rights” movement, and the counter-arguments necessary to defeat them.

1) “We just want to be able to get married!”

Bizarrely enough, while most espousing gay advocacy claim that marriage isn’t an option for homosexuals, the truth is that it is.  If marriage is truly what gay advocates claim it is (to them, a declaration of lifetime devotion between two lovers), the miracle of reading shows that states can’t actually prosecute homosexual devotion.  In real life, the movement for gay marriage only exists to force entire states of people who don’t like gay marriage to recognize and support it. (more…)

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